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We are aware that, in this day and age, healthy and good-quality food is an asset which provides a better quality of life, so we are trying to keep to the highest standards in food preparation. We are constantly checking the quality of our products, for which we use the latest technological processes. With experience in the European market, we have gained a reputation as one of the best kebab producers, known for our reliability and flexibility. In our work, we take into consideration all of the statutory provisions and have obtained ISO and IFS certificates.

Every day we follow the latest trends and adapt to our customers. Monitoring and meeting customer requirements is our mission.

We are a reliable partner with long experience in the field of food preparation and nutrition. We only work with verified and reliable suppliers whose raw materials have proven to be of the highest quality.

We use the internationally certified IFS standard in technological processes, which enables us to achieve the desired level of quality and safety in terms of the products themselves every step of the way.


  • We continually improve and invest in development.
  • We operate in accordance with all internationally recognized standards.
  • We have years of experience and an established reputation.
  • We provide the highest quality in our products.
  • We adapt to the needs and desires of our clients.


The basic principles of our business are the development of new products, the education of our personnel, the improvement of technological processes and the monitoring of global trends. As an established manufacturer of kebab products, we do business with many foreign companies, which is something that we wish to expand and improve in the future. We also follow the latest trends in the supply of products and customer orders, which enables delivery to our clients in the shortest time possible, as well as promptness and flexibility. Thus we remain one of the leading providers of kebab products in Europe and will continue to provide only the best for our customers.