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Frozen chicken kebab – sliced and grilled (large pack)

Used as the basis for the manufacture of finished kebab products in larger quantities. Chicken kebab of the highest quality, it can be arbitrarily used as a filling for pizzas and combined with delicious sauces, salads and dressings.


Frozen beef kebab – sliced and grilled (large pack)

It only has to be warmed up and in a few minutes becomes a perfect delicacy. It impresses with the genuine kebab flavor and taste. It is used as a basis for making kebab sandwiches, pizzas, yufka flatbread, wraps, kebab …


Frozen and fresh kebab sauce (white)

Using special techniques, we have developed a unique frozen kebab sauce. It is excellently complemented with all kinds of grilled kebab, providing genuine kebab flavor and maximum customer satisfaction. The secret of white kebab sauce lies in the traditional recipe.