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Our kebab is prepared according to the original recipe, which leaves customers across Europe satisfied and wanting more. We offer several different types of chicken, beef and veal kebab. They are characterized by high quality, and some of them have …


Pita Bread

Fresh and carefully selected kebab pita bread is a perfect match for all the kebab ingredients. They are produced according to our own recipe in local bakeries, which also provide for reliable delivery every day.


Kebab sauce (white)

The secret of white kebab sauce lies in its unique recipe. The sauce is frozen and retains a genuine fresh taste, even after thawing. It is excellently complemented with all kinds of grilled kebab products and provides genuine kebab flavor …


Yufka flatbread – tortilla durum

From our diverse range of products, we also offer yufka tortillas of proven quality and exquisite taste. You can serve kebabs and vegetables in yufka flatbread, improving it all with our range of sauces and toppings.


American hot dog – chicken hot dog

If you want to add to your offering with delicious hot dogs, we provide a complete system for selling American hot dogs. These chicken hot dogs impress many customers because of their size and sophisticated taste. You can prepare them …


Rolls for American hot dog

A good choice of roll is extremely important for a tasty hot dog and should be soft and crisp. We offer all this and more, all of which has been verified by many satisfied customers. Guarantee your customers freshness, great …


Add-ons for American hot dog

We cannot imagine a really tasty hot dog without side dishes, which add to and improve its taste. In our offering you will find a diverse selection of sauces and add-ons that will satisfy the various tastes of your customers.


Potis gas stoves

The company Potis is one of the firms with the longest tradition in the production of gas stoves for baking kebabs. Their years of experience are reflected in the simple construction of their stoves, which are extremely durable and provide …


Devran electric knife

The manufacturer Ceylan is famous for the simplicity and extraordinary efficiency of its products. The biggest hit is the Devran electric knife. The knife is designed to quickly and efficiently cut kebabs.


Roller grill

To prepare American hot dogs, we offer a superior roller grill, which is an essential marketing element in sales. The high-quality and durable roller grill is designed for high constant loads and for baking large quantities of hot dogs at …