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Chicken kebab – sliced and grilled (large pack)

Used as the basis for the manufacture of finished kebab products in large quantities. It has to be warmed up and in a few minutes becomes a perfect delicacy. Chicken kebab of the highest quality can be freely used as …


Beef kebab – sliced and grilled (large pack)

This is a pre-prepared product that only requires heating. It impresses with a genuine kebab flavor and taste. It is used as a basis for making kebab sandwiches, pizzas, salads or separate dishes in combination with a variety of side …


Kebab Bread

Fresh and carefully selected kebab bread is a perfect match for all the kebab ingredients. It is produced according to our own recipe in local bakeries, which also provide for reliable delivery every day.


Yufka flatbread – tortillas

From our diverse range of products, we also offer yufka tortillas of proven quality and exquisite taste. You can serve kebabs and vegetables in yufka flatbread, improving it all with our range of sauces and toppings.


Frozen kebab sauce (white)

The secret of white kebab sauce lies in its unique recipe. The sauce is frozen and has the same taste after thawing as on the first day. It excellently complements all kinds of grilled kebab and provides genuine kebab flavor …