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Alebon is a company with Slovenian-German roots, which was introduced to the wider European market in 2003, where we are known for reliability, quality and good business relations.

Our team consists of highly qualified employees, technologists in the field of manufacturing and processing kebab, experienced marketing professionals as well as reliable partners and suppliers.

With experience and cooperation, we have developed a wide range of first-class products that meet the requirements of our customers in Slovenia and Europe: both those engaged in distribution and retailing, as well as many in the food industry.

Our products are produced in three different locations. Our Polish site produces frozen doner kebab for use in fast food restaurants. Our frozen sauces are produced in special processes at our site in Slovenia.

The basic guidelines of our business are professionalism, reliability, good business relations, investment in development and the high quality of products and services.

Our goal is to maintain and expand our place among the leading providers of kebab products throughout Europe.


  • We offer only premium products of excellent taste.
  • We employ experienced professionals from various branches of the food industry.
  • We take care of our customers and take their wishes into consideration.
  • We have extensive experience both at home and abroad.
  • We use modern production processes.
  • We operate in accordance with all internationally recognized standards.